Levels of Agreement

Core Agreements

These agreements form the foundation of the community, representing the principles that direct the actions of the group. They are maintained in a single document, and are meant to be altered only in response to major changes in the direction of the community, although they are expected to be added to. Any discussion of altering a core agreement in a consensus meeting would fall under our moratorium agreement.


These agreements are the primary implementations of our Core Agreements. These are well-thought and carefully worded descriptions of how we will carry out and support our Core Agreements. These Policies are meant to carefully address important issues, and are only meant to be altered after a careful trial and extensive discussion. Any discussion of altering a Policy in a consensus meeting would fall under our moratorium agreement.


The Arrangements are the day-to-day decisions made by the community that are meant to have the strength of an agreement, but that need to remain easier to alter than the Policies or Core Agreements. While they represent decisions we have made as a community, they are not as essential to the group as a Policy. This can be for several reasons: the issue may not be central to the principles of the group, the decision may not be meant to last for long, or the community may not be sure about the decision. Arrangements are meant to be available for alteration at most any time, and so would not fall under the moratorium agreement.

One-time Decisions

These agreements are limited by their very nature. The One-Time Decisions comprise any decision that the community makes that is not ongoing, and therefore cannot be altered or reversed in the future. One-Time Decisions are not meant to be considered as precedents; they cease to have jurisdiction over the community after being made, except in their after-effects. One-Time Decisions would not fall under the moratorium agreement, as they can only be altered by the community coming to consensus on pursuing a new action opposed to their past action.


Intentions are items we have chosen to compile into a document for a chosen area. The Intentions are meant to display our desired way of doing things, our goals and ideals. They are not meant to be policies that we must abide by, but to give direction. They are meant to be changed as the thoughts and opinions of the members change, and so would not fall under the moratorium agreement.

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