Since we have agreed that the Community will own all buildings and land, we agree also that the Community will have primary responsibility for and final say on the design and location of buildings, the use of sustainable materials and building practices, landscaping, and other planning associated with building a home. We recognize the importance of appropriate housing that fits an individual's or family's needs, and so as much as possible without compromising the appropriateness of the building and its possible future uses, we will try to construct homes that meet prospective residents' preferences and requirements.

We also recognize the passion that many members feel towards the creation of their own home. Therefore we welcome the involvement of the planned occupants of a new home in the building group's design process. The future occupants are welcome to contribute as much or as little as they wish to the design process. In all cases, the building group will be available to share the experience of the community in designing and building, as well as to ensure that community agreements and intentions around building are considered.

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