(This is a living document, and gradually new statements are added as appropriate)

The following agreements demonstrate our commitments to each other in the categories Basic Necessities, Lifestyle, Governance, Work and Finances, Membership, and World View. Through two years of discussion, we have agreed to these goals. We agree that these ideals will not be brought up for discussion or change unless there is a significant change in our circumstances that directly affects a given decision.

The community will provide all of the BASIC NECESSITIES of life to its members in exchange for fulfillment of a work requirement set by the community. At the least, these basic necessities will include the following:

We support a LIFESTYLE that will encourage the following:

Our community will be GOVERNED under the following principles:

In regard to WORK and FINANCES:

MEMBERSHIP in the community is subject to a process in which everyone will participate. We agree to the following tenets:

We wish to respect and better the WORLD:

Our LOCATION will be:

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